Khania Linear B Transliterations

The 1989-90 Greek-Swedish Excavations at Kastelli, Khania yielded 4 Linear B artefacts.

These transliterations are now available for further study:
KH Ar <-- first evidence of wa-ti-jo, the missing ethnic adjective of the oft-appearing toponym wa-to
KH Gq <-- very interesting; confirms Dionysus' early origin in the Greek pantheon (see also di-wo-nu-so)

I also highly recommend the articles written by Hallager, Hallager and Vlasakis to present these inscriptions (see the artefact's References section). The footnotes are a wonderful insight into the archaeological process, and reveal the excitement of finding new Linear B inscriptions below the surface of modern Khania.

Khania Excavation, photo: Khania Museum
photo: Khania Museum

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