Linear B Inscribed Handmade Pendants on Etsy

I've long wanted some Linear B inscribed jewelry. I couldn't find any while I was on Crete, so I finally decided to make some. I put up a few extras on Etsy (a-ne-mo i-je-re-ja; e-ra; ka-ke-u; ko-wa; ko-wo; ma-te; ma-te tu-ka-te-qe; pa-te; pa-te tu-ka-te-qe; po-se-da-o-ne; po-ti-ni-ja; te-ko-to-ne; tu-ka-te). Proceeds will benefit the digitization of the Linear B corpus and lexicon.

ma-te tu-ka-te-qe
ma-te tu-ka-te-qe Mother & Daughter

di-wo-nu-so VIN
di-wo-nu-so VIN Dionysus & his wine

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2 Responses to Linear B Inscribed Handmade Pendants on Etsy

  1. Rita Roberts says:

    Yes, I liked these pendants and put a post about them on my blog. Do you have a full catalogue of them.

    • Thanks, Rita! They’re very time consuming to make, and I have a full-time job right now, so the store is offline for the moment. If at some point I make another batch, I will definitely let you know.

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