[Thesis Generator] sa-pe-ra vs. sa-pi-da

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39 years after the 1973 publication of the 2nd edition of Documents in Mycenaean Greek by John Chadwick and Michael Ventris, I still constantly encounter questions that remain open from their early work. I keep a list of these questions in a spreadsheet light-heartedly called "Thesis Generator". I think of them as little baby theses to practice researching. I thought I'd share one for your consideration and ideas.

How are sa-pe-ra and sa-pi-da related?

Chadwick and Ventris compare these two in their 1973 index, as both:
"[sa-pe-ra] apparently replaces entry giving quantity of oil"
"[sa-pi-da] apparently replaces entry giving number of men"
A Companion to Linear B: Mycenaean Greek Texts and their World volumes I and II edited by Yves Duhoux and Anna Morpurgo Davies exclude these sign groups in the latest compiled research on Linear B. They're both hapax legomenon so we're looking, at best, at a hypothesis based largely on context.

sa-pe-ra context

PY Fr 1215:

wa-na-ka-te , wa-na-se-wi-jo , we-a-re-pe
sa-pe-ra           ra

sa-pi-da context

PY An 656 (see the PY An series for the full inscription):

wa-ka-ti-ja-ta , ke-ki-de , sa-pi-da
me-ta-qe , pe-i , e-qe-ta
pe-re-qo-ni-jo , a-re-i-jo ,
ne-wo-ki-to , wo-wi-ja , ko-ro-ku-ra-i-jo ,
VIR 20 me-ta-qe , pe-i, e-qe-ta
di-wi-je-u ,

Prior Research?

Only four articles in SMID even mention sa-pe-ra. This is where I'd probably start if I were researching this.

Carlier, Pierre, 1984 Strasbourg: Association pour l‘étude de la civilisation romaine "La Royauté en Grèce avant Alexandre"

Heubeck, Alfred, 1985 Münchener Studien zur Sprachwissenschaft 46 "Zu den mykenischen Stoffadjektiven"

Palaima, Thomas G., 1997 Aegaeum, ΤΕΧΝΗ 2: Craftsmen, Craftswomen, and Craftsmanship in the Aegean Bronze Age "Potter and Fuller: The Royal Craftsmen"

Palmer, Leonard R., 1983 Res Mycenaeae "Mycenaean Religion: Methodological Choices"

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