Amazing Photographs of the Linear B Tablets at the Ashmolean Museum

Go here for full details on the project and how to download the RTI Viewer:

Please consider making a donation to the Ashmolean Museum to thank them for this extraordinary project. Be sure to mention the RTI Project and Linear B.

Here's a quick cheat sheet using the IDs Mycenologists use:

KN Ap 639 (thumbnail) RTIViewerURL:

KN B 799+ Recto (thumbnail) RTIViewer URL:

KN B 799+ Verso (thumbnail) RTIViewer URL:
Note: this one is mislabeled as 1938.709 so the links may change to correct the error

KN Ce 59 (thumbnail) RTIViewer URL:

KN Dc 1298 (thumbnail) RTIViewerURL:

KN De 1301 (thumbnail) RTIViewer URL:

KN De 1648 (thumbnail) RTIViewer URL:

KN Dh 1646+ (thumbnail) RTIViewer URL:

KN D 1650 (thumbnail) RTIViewer URL:

KN E 777 Recto (thumbnail) RTIViewer URL:

KN E 777 Verso (thumbnail) RTIViewer URL:

KN E 1569+ (thumbnail) RTIViewer URL:

KN G 820 (thumbnail) RTIViewer URL:

KN L 1647 (thumbnail) RTIViewer URL:

KN L 1649 sup. mut. (thumbnail) RTIViewer URL:

KN L 1649 Verso (thumbnail) RTIViewer URL:

KN Mc 4455+ (thumbnail) RTIViewer URL:

KN M 1645 (thumbnail) RTIViewer URL:

KN Ra 1540 (thumbnail) RTIViewer URL:

KN Sc 218 (thumbnail) RTIViewer URL:

KN Sc 238 (thumbnail) RTIViewer URL:

KN Sd 4422 (thumbnail) RTIViewer URL:

KN Se 883 (thumbnail) RTIViewer URL:

KN So 894 (thumbnail) RTIViewer URL:

KN V 479 Recto (thumbnail) RTIViewer URL:

KN V 479 Verso (thumbnail) RTIViewer URL:

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2 Responses to Amazing Photographs of the Linear B Tablets at the Ashmolean Museum

  1. Kate says:

    Is there a database of Linear A images, anywhere?

    • Alas, no. The actual photographs of Linear A tablets and artifacts are highly protected by the people who took them, unfortunately. However, there are amazing publications of the photographs, and they are available at most graduate libraries if you live anywhere near a university.

      Recueil des inscriptions en linéaire A (GORILA) vol. 1-5
      by Louis Godart & Jean-Pierre Olivier

      Even if you don’t have a nearby university, I’ve been able to find sources through my inter-library loan system. Libraries are a wonder :) So if there’s no university nearby, stop by your local library and see if they can get these through inter-library loan. These books cost several hundred dollars, so there’ll usually be a small fee if they have to ship it from far away, but the fees are usually reasonable … because libraries are a wonder :)

      Thank you for your interest!

      (I personally hand-traced all the Linear A stuff onto paper because while you can’t republish photos without permission, which is often denied, you can publish facsimiles without anyone’s consent.)

      Also take a look at Dr. John Younger’s Linear A pages at the University of Kansas. Some of them do have photographs associated with them.

      Hope all this helps!

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