Excellent Linear B Repository

DĀMOS: Database of Mycenaean at Oslo

Federico Aurora at the Universitetet i Oslo has completed work on an outstanding repository of Linear B inscriptions. The user interface is absolutely beautiful and intuitive. Do a search on a Linear B word like da-mo and make sure to put your mouse over the tablet's magnifying glass.

This repository has already been incredibly helpful with my research. I hope you'll find it equally useful.

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One Response to Excellent Linear B Repository

  1. Milan says:

    If U R the man who posted on flicker tons of wonderful minoan/mycenean photos from Crete, first I want to give U a kudos.
    Second, I am no scolar in linear A or B, but nevertheless I love greek prehistory, Homer etc…so during my vacations in Greece I strictly observe to visit some of ancient sites. So, during my vacations on Jonian islands, I visited Ithaca and in Stavros museum made some photos of 2 shards with linear A. If you R interested send me to mail, and I`ll send photos to you.
    Also, have some pics from Athens museum and Mycenae of linear B

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