Reconstructing Minoan metal vessel crafting techniques

I'm reading a really excellent article on by Christina Clarke from the Proceedings of the 39th Symposium for Archaeometry about her research and adventures in reconstructing metal Minoan vessels.

Figure 1 alone is worth the read with its excellent inventory of metal vessel types, but the whole article is well-written and interesting. I haven't seen the j-type cauldron in person yet, and would very much like to.

She asks a great question that I find particular intriguing: How do we distinguish between a metallurgical site and a domestic site if the hearths for each use needn't differ?

And the copper hydria she recreated? Gorgeous. I'd be curious to compare its thickness to the original(s).

Skeumorph is an artful derivation of a previously functional structure, like including rivets to mimic a metal vessel in a pottery medium.

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