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Of kilns and pottery

Each time I go back through photos from Crete, or the lovely book about the kiln found at Kommos, I find myself wondering: where are the pottery words? Linear B needs a word for kiln, for pithos, words for pottery, … Continue reading

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Reconstructing Minoan metal vessel crafting techniques

I’m reading a really excellent article on by Christina Clarke from the Proceedings of the 39th Symposium for Archaeometry about her research and adventures in reconstructing metal Minoan vessels. Figure 1 alone is worth the read with its … Continue reading

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Excellent Linear B Repository

DĀMOS: Database of Mycenaean at Oslo Federico Aurora at the Universitetet i Oslo has completed work on an outstanding repository of Linear B inscriptions. The user interface is absolutely beautiful and intuitive. Do a search on a Linear B word … Continue reading

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José L. Melena and the Pylos Joins

Dr. Melena at the University of the Basque Country is one of my favourite Mycenologists. His writing is, to me, a perfect synthesis of detail-oriented curiosity and evidence-based academic rigor. An example of this are his comments which I’ve included … Continue reading

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Amazing Photographs of the Linear B Tablets at the Ashmolean Museum

Go here for full details on the project and how to download the RTI Viewer: Please consider making a donation to the Ashmolean Museum to thank them for this extraordinary project. Be sure to mention the RTI Project and … Continue reading

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[Thesis Generator] sa-pe-ra vs. sa-pi-da

What do you think? 39 years after the 1973 publication of the 2nd edition of Documents in Mycenaean Greek by John Chadwick and Michael Ventris, I still constantly encounter questions that remain open from their early work. I keep a … Continue reading

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Reading the Iliad

I have a bilingual (Homeric Greek + English) of the Iliad (trans. A.T Murray, ed. William F. Wyatt). The sabre-rattling and violence is not generally my cup of tea, but I’ve been maintaining my pace through the sheer joy of … Continue reading

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Linear B Inscribed Handmade Pendants on Etsy

I’ve long wanted some Linear B inscribed jewelry. I couldn’t find any while I was on Crete, so I finally decided to make some. I put up a few extras on Etsy (a-ne-mo i-je-re-ja; e-ra; ka-ke-u; ko-wa; ko-wo; ma-te; ma-te … Continue reading

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Great quote from Michel Lejeune

“Il n’y a rien de plus difficile que les solutions de facilité.” “Nothing is more difficult than easy solutions.”     – Michel Lejeune His wikipedia biography could sure use some love…

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Khania Linear B Transliterations

The 1989-90 Greek-Swedish Excavations at Kastelli, Khania yielded 4 Linear B artefacts. These transliterations are now available for further study: KH Ar

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