Khania KH Sq Linear B Series

Transliterations from Hallager, Hallager & Vlasakis 1990 unless otherwise noted. Modified Wingspread Convention in use.

KH Sq 1

]ROTA ZE 10[

"A small string-hole (diam. ca. 0.2cms) runs through the full length of the tablet." - Erik Hallager
Find-spot: Pit H at the intersection of Οδος Κανεβαρο and Παροδος Κανεβαρο
B&W Photograph: Hallager, Hallager & Vlasakis 1990, Plate II
Facsimile: Hallager, Hallager & Vlasakis 1990, Plate II


Hallager, Erik, Birgitta P. Hallager and Maria Vlasakis, 1990 Kadmos 29 (Band XXIV, Heft 1) "The First Linear B Tablet(s) from Khania"

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