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This is a placeholder page for the Linear B transliterations from Midea.

Here are some relevant publications for you until I get a chance to read them:

Demakopoulou, K., N. Divari-Valakou, A.-L. Scahllin, G. Ekroth, A. Lindblom, M. Nilsson, L. Sjögren, 2002 Opuscula Atheniensia 27 "Excavations in Midea 2000 and 2001"

Walberg, Gisela, 1992 Kadmos 31 "A Linear B Inscription from Midea" (ro and zo appears on the recto and [[*125]] on the verso in the facsimile Walberg gives, but I'm not entirely clear if the clay is a fragment or complete, nor am I sure how it's classified other than that it's not MI Z - Z is generally reserved for the stirrup jars. If complete - and it looks like it probably is - the recto reads: "ro-zo". The piece was found among Mycenaean and Middle Helladic pottery.)

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