Pylos PY Tn Linear B Series

Transliterations from Bennett & Olivier 1973 unless otherwise noted. Modified Wingspread Convention in use.

PY Tn 316

.1 po-ro-wi-to-jo ,
.2 i-je-to-qe , pa-ki-ja-si , do-ra-qe , pe-re , po-re-na-qe
.3 pu-ro a-ke , po-ti-ni-ja AUR *215VAS 1 MUL 1
.4 ma-na-sa , AUR *213VAS 1 MUL 1 po-si-da-e-ja AUR *213VAS 1 MUL 1
.5 ti-ri-se-ro-e , AUR *216VAS 1 do-po-ta AUR *215VAS 1
.6 vacat
.7 vacat
.8 vacat
.9 vacat
.10 pu-ro vacat
reliqua pars sine regulis

side 2
v.1 i-je-to-qe , po-si-da-i-jo , a-ke-qe , wa-tu
v.2 do-ra-qe , pe-re , po-re-na-qe , a-ke
v.3a -ja
v.3b pu-ro AUR *215VAS 1 MUL 2 qo-wi-ja , (na)-[ ] , ko-ma-we-te-
v.4 i-je-to-qe , pe-(re)-*82-jo , i-pe-me-de-ja-qe di-u-ja-jo-qe
v.5 do-(ra)-qe , pe-re-po-re-na-qe , a , pe-re-*82 AUR *213VAS 1 MUL 1
v.6 i-pe-me-(de)-ja AUR *213VAS 1 di-u-ja AUR *213VAS 1 MUL 1
v.7 pu-ro e-ma-a2 (,) a-re-ja AUR *216VAS 1 VIR 1
v.8 i-je-to-qe , di-u-jo , do-ra-qe , pe-re , po-re-na-qe a-(ke)
v.9 di-we AUR *213VAS 1 VIR 1 e-ra AUR *213VAS 1 MUL 1
v.10 di-ri-mi-jo[]di-wo , i-je-we , AUR *213VAS 1 [ ] vacat
v.11 pu-ro vacat
v.12 vacat
v.13 vacat
v.14 vacat
v.15 vacat
v.16 pu-ro vacat
reliqua pars sine regulis

Bennett & Olivier 1976: Scribe 44
Find-spot: Archives Room 8
• pu-ro on v.3b, v.7 and v.11 is written large in an unlined left column providing context for the rest of the sign groups. Similarly, the pu-ro on .3 provides context for .2 sign groups. Lines .1, .4 and .5 begin to the far left at the same edge as pu-ro elsewhere.
• -ja on v.3a is above the te in ko-ma-we-te- on v.3b

PY Tn 996

] , a-te-re-e-te-jo , re-wo-te-re-jo ALV 2[ ]vacat
u-do-ro *212VAS 3 pi-a2-ra *219VAS 2 [
](re)-we *209VAS 2 ka-ti *206VAS 1 a-te-we AES *205VAS 7 (AUR)[
] *250VAS 3 po-ka-ta-ma , AUR *208VAS 1 AES *208VAS 3 [

Find-spot: Room 20


Bennett, Emmett L., Jr. and Jean-Pierre Olivier, 1973 The Pylos Tablets Transcribed

Bennett, Emmett L., Jr. and Jean-Pierre Olivier, 1976 The Pylos Tablets Transcribed Part II: Hands, Concordances, Indices

5 Responses to PY Tn

  1. Ray Lurie says:

    My apologies, Kim, it’s been a while since I’ve visited this page; I’ve only just seen your response. Yes, webpages are fugitive. If you go on to the webpages of the Cambridge Linear B Research Archive (, you can get a high-resolution image of this tablet (

  2. Leonicos Calahoras Λεώνικος Καλαχώρας says:

    Anyway, with AN error or not, it is a wonderfl thing to have these textes available

    Thank you

    If you tranliterate something else, please, let me know

  3. Beata says:


    are you sure, that PY Tn 316 side 2 v.10 second word is: di-wo? I think, that it should be di-we.

  4. Ray Lurie says:

    In your transcription of PY Tn 996, is there an error in the transcription near the end of the second line? When I look at pictures of the tablet itself, the number after the glyph for vessel 219 clearly appears to be a 3, not a 2. See the picture at

    • Hello, Ray! It’s always possible – transliterations are always subject to human fallacy. :)

      “2 [” in the Wingspread convention indicates that the tablet is damaged to the right of the certain 2 strokes. It’ll be awhile before I have a chance to return to the source material and see if a photograph or facsimile is available for review. In the meantime, I’m afraid I can no longer view the HTML page mentioned above – is it still available? I’d love access to a digital photo if one is available.


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