Linear B Ideogram *189
Linear B Ideogram *189


Melena 2000-2001: logogram of ke-ra-e-we due to acrophonic endogram and context on PY Un 1482

Killen 2000-2001: object with a horn decoration, cf. ke-ra

Associated Toponyms

a-pu2-we: PY Qa
ka-ra-do-ro: PY Qa

Associated Occupations

i-je-re-ja, i-je-re-u: PY Qa
me-nu-a2: PY Qa


Killen, John T., 2000-2001 Kadmos 35-36 “A Note on Pylos Tablet Un 1482″

Melena, José, 2000-2001 Kadmos 35-36 “63 Joins and Quasi-joins of Fragments in the Linear B Tablets from Pylos”

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