Linear B Weight Measure L


Palmer 2008: weight measurement


L = 30 M on PY Jn 415 and PY Jn 658 if we assume the to-so-de ka-ko line represents the total of the preceding AES M. However, KN Og 833+ doesn't use this ratio, marking down a to-so of M 47 instead of L 1 M 17.


KN Mc: *142
KN Oa: *167, *167+PE
PY Jn: AES, ka-ko


Killen, John T. and Jean-Pierre Olivier, 1973 The Knossos Tablets 5th Ed.

Palmer, Ruth, 2008 A Companion to Linear B: Mycenaean Greek Texts and their World (ed. Yves Duhoux and Anna Morpurgo Davies) "How to Begin?"

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  1. L on KN Og and PY Ja seems more like an ideogram for a commodity than a unit of measure…

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