Ideograms for Pigs

Linear B Ideogram SUSf Sow (female pig), SUSf
Linear B Ideogram SUSm Boar (male pig), SUSm
Linear B Ideogram SUS Pig, SUS; also /au/ phonetic value when not used as an ideogram




cf. BOS+SI

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  1. kiminoa says:


    I’ve been doing some data analysis related to the sign groups and adjuncts that most frequently appear in conjunction with SUS on the Knossos tablets. Here’s what most frequently appears in the context of SUS at Knossos (I’ve excluded single instance appearances; and please ignore the case sensitivity, it’s just an issue with my current set of data):

    [“OVISf”, 6],
    [“OVISm”, 6],
    => 12 instances

    [“CAPf”, 6],
    [“CAPm”, 5],
    => 11 instances

    [“BOSf”, 4],
    [“BOSm”, 3],
    => 7 instances

    [“A-KO-RA-JA”, 3],

    [“TO-SA”, 2],
    [“DU-MA”, 2], // appears exclusively in a SUS context at Knossos

    to do:
    break it down further into SUS, SUSf and SUSm
    case insensitivity
    run Pylos and compare once PY data entry is complete
    de-duplicate entries from single inscriptions with multiple sources
    is there a distance analysis that can modify weights based on close to or far from the ideogram a sign group is?

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