Linear B Syllabogram *22
Linear B Syllabogram *22 (unknown phonetic value)
see also CAP

*22- Linear B Sign Groups

*22-ja-(ro) KN hapax
anthroponym *22-ri-ta-ro KN hapax


Georgiev 1956: /tra/? (based on an acrophonic abbreviation of τράγος 'he-goat')


Georgiev, Vladimir, 1956 Études Mycéniennes Gif-sur-Yvette, 3-7 Avril 1956 “La valeur phonétique de quelques signes du syllabaire Créto-Mycénien B”

One Response to *22

  1. I think Georgiev was on the right track with looking at *22 as an acrophonic abbreviation from CAP and its earlier Linear A counterpart. The plug-and-play of /tra/ from τράγος doesn’t get good results though, so I don’t think he identified the right goat word. I’m interested in reading newer articles on proposed values for *22.

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