Linear B Syllabogram 47

Linear B syllabogram *47

*47-da, (allative) *47-da-de KN
toponym *47-ku-to-de KN hapax
toponym *47-so-de KN
anthroponym *47-ti-jo KN


Both Witcazk and Markrygiannis associate this syllabogram with the ideogram *141. Witcazk believes *141 is a ligature of *47+wo.

Makrygiannis 2009: /go/ (based on an acrophonic abbreviation from γόμφος (Odyssey), 'bolt', for ship-building)

Witczak 1992: /a4/ (vowel based on frequency of initial position and tentative proposed values for *47-da, *47-ku-to-de and *47-so-de.)

Janda 1988: /da2/

Gallavotti 1958: /bre/

Landau 1958: /kru/

Sittig 1954: /wa2/


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