Definitions y Definiciones

Chadwick & Ventris 1973: anthroponym, dative?

Aura Jorro 1985: antropónimo femenino, nominativo. cf. Ἀμφιδώρα

Ramón 2011: feminine anthroponym, cf. Ἀμφιδώρα



Chadwick & Ventris 1973: anthroponym, cf. Ἀμφίδωρος

Aura Jorro 1985: antropónimo masculino, nominativo.


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Ramón, J.L. García, 2011 A Companion to Linear B: Mycenaean Greek Texts and their World vol. II (ed. Yves Duhoux and Anna Morpurgo Davies) "Mycenaean Onomastics"

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