Linear B DE
Linear B Syllabogram *45, de

DE- Sign Groups

de-de-me-no, de-de-me-na PY
de-do-me-na KN
de-do-wa-re-we PY hapax
de-ka-sa-to, o-de-ka-sa-to KN, PY
de-ke-se-u KN
anthroponym de-ki-si-wo, (genitive) de-ki-si-wo-jo KN, PY
de-ko-to, (genitive) de-ko-to-jo KN, PY
de-ku-tu-wo-(ko)[ PY hapax
de-ma-si KN hapax
de-me-o-te PY hapax
de-mi-ni-ja MY, PY
de-mi-ni-jo PY hapax
anthroponym de-mo-qe PY hapax
anthroponym de-ni-mo KN hapax
de-so-mo Knossos|KN]]
de-u-jo-i KN hapax
anthroponym de-u-ka-ri-jo PY hapax
anthroponym de-u-ke-ro KN hapax
anthroponym de-u-ki-jo KN?, MY
de-u-ki-jo-jo KN hapax
anthroponym de-we-ra KN hapax
anthroponym (de)-we-ro PY hapax
toponym de-we-ro-a3-ko-ra-i-ja PYname of the Hither Province
de-wi-jo PY

-DE Ending

"It is not always possible to distinguish between the enclitic particle -δε «to» and the non-enclitic particle δέ «but» or «and»." - Jennifer K. McArthur, Suplementos a MINOS núm. 9 "Place-Names in the Knossos Tablets Identification and Location"

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