Duhoux 2008: 'beaker', cf. δέπας "vowel alternation (dipas ~ δέπας) suggests that this word may be a loan."

Chadwick & Ventris 1973: vessel, cf. δέπας (Iliad XI, 632+) "often in early use a large vessel, not a drinking cup"

Palaeolexicon: cup

Homeric Greek

Iliad I.584: δέπας ἀμφικύπελλον 'two-handled cup'
Iliad IV.262, IX.203, IX.224: δέπας 'cup'
Iliad VI.220: χρύσεον δέπας ἀμφικύπελλον 'two-handled cup of gold'



Chadwick & Ventris 1973: nominative dual of di-pa


Appears as "qa-si-re-wi-ja , di-pa , a-no-wo-to" on KN K 875.

Associated Commodities

*202VAS: KN K, PY Ta

Homeric Greek (Other Inflections)

Iliad IV.3: χρυσέοις δεπάεσσι 'golden goblets'
Iliad VIII.160: πλείοις δεπάεσσι 'full cups'
Iliad IX.176: δεπάεσσι 'cups'


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