Pylos hapax


Melena 2000-2001: "Mycenean name of the items recorded in the Qa class by means of the logogram *189 (which has as endogram the acrophonic KE). [...] probably a plural nominative, we are dealing with a noun in -eus built on a neuter in -as, and the choice is between /keras/ or /geras/, both attested at Pylos. Qa religious associations would point to /geras/ as the best candidate, and its presence among leathern artifacts is perfectly at home, since word-formation would prompt the interpretation of these Mycenaean /gerahēwes/ as 'honouring' implements of some form." cf. ke-ra

Killen 2000-2001: "may perhaps be merit in Melena's (rejected) alternative explanation of [ke-ra-e-we], as a derivative in -εύς, not of γέρας, 'portion of honour', but of κέρας, 'horn'." perhaps an agent noun (cf. ka-ke-u, ke-ra-me-u, etc.): 'worker in horn (and ivory?)'

Associated Commodities

*189: PY Un


Killen, John T., 2000-2001 Kadmos 35-36 "A Note on Pylos Tablet Un 1482"

Melena, José, 2000-2001 Kadmos 35-36 "63 Joins and Quasi-joins of Fragments in the Linear B Tablets from Pylos"

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