Linear B KI

Sign Groups that begin with KI

ki-da-ro KN hapax
anthroponym ki-du-ro PY hapax
anthroponym ki-e-u, (genitive) ki-e-wo, ki-je-u KN, PY
anthroponym ki-ke-ro KN hapax
anthroponym ki-ma-ta KN hapax
anthroponym ki-mu-ko KN hapax
anthroponym ki-mu-ku KN hapax
anthroponym ki-nu-qa KN hapax
ki-ra-di-ja KN hapax
ki-ra-*56-so KN hapax
anthroponym ki-ri-ja-i-jo, ki-ra2-i-jo KN, PY
anthroponym ki-ri-ja-si KN hapax
ki-ri-jo-te KN
anthroponym ki-ri-ne-to KN hapax
ki-ri-ta KN
toponym ki-ri-ta-de, ki-ri-ta-i KN
ki-ri-te-wi-ja, (dative plural) ki-ri-te-wi-ja-i, (instrumental plural) ki-ri-te-wi-ja-pi KN, PY
ki-ri-ti-jo-jo PY
anthroponym ki-si-wi-jo, ki-si-wi-je-ja KN
anthroponym ki-ta-ne-to KN
ki-ta-no KN
ki-ti-me-na PY
ki-to, ki-to-ne, ki-to-na, (instrumental plural) ki-to-pi KN
anthroponym ki-u-ro KN
ki-u-ro-i PY
ki-zo KN hapax
anthroponym ki-*18-i-so KN

KI as an Adjunct

Adjunct to OVIS and OVISm; also appears in conjunction with the adjuncts O, NE and PE in this context.

Adjunct to TUN (TUN+KI)

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