McArthur 1993: likely anthroponym (qualified, see reference)

Killen 1979: anthroponym of an official

Chadwick & Ventris 1973: "unequivocally" an anthroponym at PY Cn and PY Jn, doubtful at Knossos and PY Un. "strong reasons for regarding it as the name of an unguent-maker are adduced by Godart (1968)"

(Knossos) Chadwick 1964, Palmer 1965: ethnic adjective, cf. ethnic adjective Κύπριος from toponym Κύπρος 'Cyprus'

(Knossos, PY Un) Palmer 1963: the name of an aromatic spice

(Knossos) Szemerényi 1958: ethnic adjective, cf. *Γύβλιος from toponym 'Byblos'

*reconstructed spelling not attested in Greek


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