Linear B MA
Linear B Syllabogram *80, MA

MA- Sign Groups

anthroponym ma-di KN
ma-di-je TH
ma-di-qo KN
anthroponym ma-du-ro PY hapax
anthroponym ma-ka-ta PY hapax
anthroponym ma-ka-wo PY hapax
anthroponym ma-ke-ra KN hapax
ma-ke-ra-mo[ KN hapax
ma-ki KN hapax
]ma-ki-nu-wo KN hapax
ma-ki-ro-ne KN hapax
anthroponym ma-ma-ro KN?, PY
anthroponym ma-mi-di-zo KN hapax
anthroponym ma-na-je-u[ KN hapax
theonym (dative) ma-na-sa PY hapax
anthroponym ma-na-si-we-ko PY hapax
ma-ne PY hapax
anthroponym ma-ni-ko PY hapax
anthroponym ma-no MY
anthroponym ma-no-u-ro PY
anthroponym ma-ra KN, PY
anthroponym ma-ra-me-na[ PY hapax
toponym ma-ra-ne-nu-we, ma-ra-ne-ni-jo PY
anthroponym ma-ra-ni-jo PY
ma-ra-pi PY hapax
anthroponym ma-ra-pi-jo KN hapax
anthroponym ma-ra-si-jo PY
anthroponym ma-ra-ta PY hapax
anthroponym ma-ra-te-u, ma-ra-te-we PY
ma-ra-ti-sa PY hapax
ma-ra-tu-wo MY
anthroponym ma-ra3-wa PY
anthroponym ma-re-ku-na PY
anthroponym ma-re-wo PY hapax
toponym ma-ri, ma-ri-jo KN
ma-ri-ne-we, (genitive) ma-ri-ne-wo, ]ma-ri-ne-wi-ja-i KN
anthroponym ma-ri-ta PY hapax
anthroponym ma-ri-ti-wi-jo KN, PY
toponym ma-ro, ma-ro-pi PY
anthroponym ma-ro-ne KN
toponym ma-sa, (allative) ma-sa-de KN
ma-se-de PY
ma-se-wi-ra2-[ KN hapax
anthroponym ma-si-dwo KN hapax
ma-so-mo KN hapax
ma-so-qe KN hapax
ma-ta PY hapax
anthroponym ma-ta-i PY hapax
anthroponym ma-ta-ko PY hapax
anthroponym ma-ta-u-ro KN hapax
anthroponym ma-ta-wo PY hapax
ma-te, ma-te-de, (dative) ma-te-re PY
ma-te-u-pi KN hapax
anthroponym (dative) ]ma-te-we PY hapax
ma-ti-jo KN hapax
anthroponym ma-ti-ko KN
toponym ma-to-ro-pu-ro, ma-to-pu-ro PY
anthroponym ma-tu-(we) KN hapax
anthroponym ma-u-ti-jo PY
anthroponym ma-wa-si-jo PY hapax
anthroponym ma-*79 PY

Phonetic Greek

μ, cf. ma-na-si-we-ko (Woodard 1997: progressive spelling)
μα, cf. pe-ma
μη, cf. ma-te

MA as an Adjunct


MA as an Ideogram

Chadwick & Ventris 1973: abbreviation of ma-ra-tu-wo "Sometimes apparently used in error for WOOL, which has an extra element."


Chadwick, John and Michael Ventris, 1973 Documents in Mycenaean Greek

Woodard, Roger D., 1997 Greek Writing from Knossos to Homer: A Linguistic Interpretation of the Origin of the Greek Alphabet and the Continuity of Ancient Greek Literacy

kar WNX.62 (ma-ta)
kar WNXIV.80 ma- digrams ~10

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