Linear B ME
Linear B Syllabogram *13, me

ME- Sign Groups

anthroponym me-de-i-jo KN hapax
anthroponym (genitive) me-ka-o PY hapax
me-ki-ta KN
anthroponym me-ki-ti KN hapax
toponym (allative) me-ki-to-de PY hapax
me-ki-to-ki-ri-ta PY
me-na KN
anthroponym (dative)me-ne-wa-te[ KN hapax
me-ni-jo PY hapax
me-no KN, PY
me-no-e-ja PY hapax
me-nu-a2, me-nu-wa KN, PY
me-(po) PY hapax
me-ra KN hapax
toponym (allative) me-ra-de KN hapax
anthroponym me-ra-to PY hapax
me-re-ti-ri-ja, me-re-ti-ra2 PY
anthroponym me-re-u PY hapax
me-re-u-ro PY hapax
me-ri, me-ri-to KN, PY
me-ri-da-ma-te, me-ri-du-ma-te, (dative plural) me-ri-du-ma-si PY
me-ri-te-wo PY
me-ri-ti-jo PY hapax
anthroponym me-ri-wa-ta KN, PY?
toponym me-sa-po PY hapax
me-sa-ta, me-sa-to KN
anthroponym me-ta-je-wa MY hapax
anthroponym me-ta-ka-wa PY hapax
me-ta-ke-ku-me-na KN hapax
me-ta-ki-ti-ta PY hapax
anthroponym me-ta-no, (dative) me-ta-no-re KN, PY
toponym me-ta-pa, (allative) me-ta-pa-de, (ethnic) me-ta-pi-jo PY
anthroponym ]me-ta-ra-wo[ Kn hapax
anthroponym me-ta-ri-ko-wo KN hapax
me-ta-se-we PY hapax
anthroponym (dative) me-ta-*47-wa MY
me-ta-qe PY
toponym me-te-to, (allative) me-te-to-de PY
anthroponym (dative) me-te-we PY hapax
anthroponym me-ti-ja-no, (genitive) me-ti-ja-no-ro PY
anthroponym me-to-qe-u PY
anthroponym me-to-re KN, PY
me-tu-ra PY
anthroponym me-tu-ro KN hapax
me-tu-wo PY hapax
anthroponym me-wi PY hapax
me-wi-jo, me-wi-jo-e, me-u-jo, me-u-jo-e, me-u-jo-a2 KN, PY
anthroponym me-wo-ni-jo KN
me-za-na, me-za-ne PY
anthroponym me-za-wo, (dative) me-za-wo-ni KN, PY
me-zo, me-zo-e, me-zo-a2 KN, PY
anthroponym me-*86-ta KN hapax

ME as an Adjunct

Adjunct to ko-wo, ko-wa

Chadwick & Ventris 1973: "probably abbreviation of me-u-jo(-e) 'smaller'"

Killen 1964: "undoubtedly abbreviates me-zo, me-wi-jo or the like"

Phonetic Greek

με, cf. me-ri
μει, cf. me-zo
μη, cf. a-pi-me-de, e-u-me-de, etc.


Chadwick, John and Michael Ventris, 1973 Documents in Myceanean Greek

Killen, J.T., 1964 British School at Athens (BSA) 59 "The Wool Industry of Crete in the Late Bronze Age"

kar WNX.51, 61, 67 (me-na me-no)

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