(KN C) McArthur 1993: toponym? but as Palmer 1963 says "Some doubt is cast on the interpretational principle of parallelism here because mi-ru-ro occurs as a man's name in As 1516."

(KN As, KN Da, KN V) McArthur 1993, Godart & Olivier 1972: anthroponym

Chadwick & Ventris 1973: anthroponym

Parallel Sign Groups

KN As: a-ko-ra-jo, a-nu-wi-ko, a-ra-da-jo, a-ra-na-ro, a-ta-ze-u, a3-ko-ta, i-te-u, ka-ke, ka-ri-se-u, ko-ni-da-jo, mi-ja-ra-ro, pe-te-ki-ja, pi-ja-si-ro, pi-ri-no, po-to, pu-te, pu-to-ro, pu-wo, qa-me-si-jo, qa-to-no-ro, qo-te-ro, ru-na, si-ja-pu2-ro, si-pu2, u-ra-mo-no

KN V: [[nu-to]]


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