Linear B NE

Linear B Sign Groups that begin with NE

toponym ne-de-we-e PY hapax
toponym ne-do-wo-te, ne-do-wo-ta-de PY
ne-ki-ri-de, ne-ki-ri-si KN
anthroponym ne-me-ta-wo PY hapax
anthroponym ne-o-ta KN hapax
anthroponym ne-o-to KN hapax
anthroponym ne-ri-to PY hapax
anthroponym ne-ri-wa-to KN hapax
ne-qa-sa-pi KN hapax
anthroponym [[ne-qa-sa-ta]] PY hapax
anthroponym ne-qe-u, ne-qe-wo PY
toponym [[ne-se-e-we]] PY hapax
anthroponym ne-ti-ja-no, ne-ti-ja-no-re KN?, PY
ne-wa, ne-wo KN, MY, PY, TH
ne-we-wi-ja, (genitive plural) ne-we-wi-ja-o KN, PY
ne-wo-ki-to PY
[[ne-wo-pe-o]] PY

NE as an Adjunct

Adjunct to ko-wa with di
Adjunct to *170
Adjunct to BOS with we
Adjunct to TUN


kar WNX.91 (ne-we ne-wo); WNX.23 (adjunct)

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