Linear B - O

Sign Groups that begin with O

o-a2 PY hapax
o-da-a2 PY
o-da-ke-we-ta, o-da-ku-we-ta, o-da-tu-we-ta, o-da-*87-ta KN
[[o-de-qa-a2]] PY hapax
o-di-do-si PY
anthroponym o-du, o-du-we KN
toponym o-du-ru-we KN
anthroponym [[o-du-*56-ro]] PY hapax
o-ja-de KN
o-ka, o-ka-ra, o-ka-ra3
anthroponym [[o-ka-ri-jo]] PY hapax
anthroponym o-ke-te-u PY hapax
anthroponym [[o-ke-u]] PY
anthroponym o-ki-ra PY hapax
anthroponym [[o-ki-ri-so]] PY hapax
anthroponym o-ki-ro KN hapax
anthroponym o-ko PY hapax
anthroponym o-ko-me-ne-u PY hapax
anthroponym [[o-ko-te]] KN
anthroponym o-ku KN
anthroponym [[o-ku-ka]] PY
anthroponym o-ku-na-wo KN
anthroponym o-ku-no KN hapax
[[o-ku-su-wa-si]] MY
o-mi-ri-jo-i KN hapax
anthroponym o-mi-ri-so KN
[[o-mo-pi]] KN
o-mu-ka-ra KN hapax
o-na, o-na-de, o-na-jo, o-na-ja KN, PY
anthroponym o-na-se-u KN, PY
o-na-te-re PY
o-na-to, o-na-ta PY
anthroponym o-ne-u KN
o-no KN, MY, PY
o-nu KN hapax
o-nu-ka KN, o-nu-ke KN, o-nu-ke-ja(-o) PY
o-pa KN, PY
o-pa-wo-ne-ja KN hapax
o-pa-wo-ta KN, PY
o-pe KN hapax
anthroponym o-pe-qa PY hapax
anthroponym o-pe-ra-no, o-pe-ra-no-ro, o-pe-ra-no-re MY, PY
anthroponym o-pe-re-ta PY
o-pe-ro KN, MY, PY
anthroponym o-pe-se-to PY hapax
anthroponym o-pe-ta KN hapax
anthroponym o-pe-te-re-u, o-pe-to-re-u PY
anthroponym o-pe-te-we, o-pe-te-wo-qe KN
preposition o-pi KN, PY
o-pi-a2-ra PY hapax
o-pi-da-mi-jo PY
o-pi-(e)-de-i PY hapax
o-pi-de-so-mo PY hapax
o-pi-i-ja-pi KN
o-pi-ja-ro TH hapax
o-pi-ka-pe-e-we-qe PY hapax
o-pi-ke-re-mi-ni-ja PY
toponym o-pi-ke-ri-jo PY
o-pi-ke-wi-ri-je-u PY hapax
o-pi-ko-ru-si-ja KN
o-pi-ko-wo PY hapax
o-pi-me-ne PY hapax
o-pi-qi-na KN hapax
o-pi-ra-i-ja PY hapax
anthroponym o-pi-ri-mi-ni-jo KN hapax
o-pi-ro-qo PY
anthroponym o-pi-si-jo KN, PY
o-pi-si-ri-ja-we KN
o-pi-su-ko PY
o-pi-te-ke-e-u PY hapax
o-pi-te-u-ke-e-we PY, o-pi-te-u-ke-we KN
o-pi-ti-ni-ja-ta PY
[[o-pi-tu-ra-jo]] PY hapax
o-po-qo KN
o-po-ro MY hapax
anthroponym o-po-ro-me-no PY
anthroponym o-po-ro-u-si-jo KN hapax
anthroponym [[o-qa]] PY hapax
anthroponym [[o-qa-wo-ni]] PY hapax
[[o-qe]] PY hapax
anthroponym [[o-qe-qa]] PY
o-qo-o-ki-te KN hapax
anthroponym [[o-re-a2]] PY hapax
anthroponym [[o-re-e-wo]] PY hapax
o-re-i KN hapax
toponym o-re-mo-a-ke-re-u PY hapax
o-re-ne-ja, o-re-ne-a KN
o-re-o-po KN hapax
anthroponym [[o-re-ta]] PY hapax
anthroponym o-re-te-wo KN
o-ri-ko MY hapax
o-ri-mo KN hapax
anthroponym [[o-ro-do-ko]] PY hapax
[[o-ro-jo]] PY hapax
anthroponym o-ro-ke-u, (dative) o-ro-ke-we PY
[[o-ro-me-no]] PY
anthroponym [[o-ro-qa]] KN hapax
[[o-ro-ti-jo]] PY hapax
toponym o-ru-ma-to, o-ru-ma-si-ja-jo PY
anthroponym [[o-ru-we-ro]] PY
o-sa-po-to KN hapax
anthroponym [[o-ta-ki]] MY hapax
[[o-ta-pa-ro-te-wa-ro]] MY hapax
[[o-ta-re-wo]] KN hapax
o-te PY hapax
toponym [[o-te-pe-o-jo]] PY hapax
anthroponym [[o-te-ra]] MY hapax
anthroponym o-te-se-u KN hapax
anthroponym [[o-ti-na-wo]] PY hapax
[[o-ti-ri-ja]], o-ti-ra2(-o) PY
anthroponym [[o-to-ro-qa]] KN
anthroponym o-to-wo-wi-je MY hapax
anthroponym o-tu PY hapax
anthroponym o-tu-wo-we, (dative) o-to-wo-we-i, (geitive) o-two-we-o PY
[[o-u-di-do-si]], o-di-do-si, o-do-ke
o-u-di-do-to PY
[[o-u-ko]], o-u-ka MY
[[o-u-qe]] KN, PY
anthroponym [[o-wa-ko]] PY
anthroponym o-wa-si-jo KN hapax
anthroponym o-we-to KN hapax
anthroponym [[o-wi-da]] PY hapax
[[o-wi-de-ta-i]] PY
anthroponym o-wi-ro KN hapax
toponym [[o-wi-to-no]] PY, ethnic o-wi-ti-ni-jo
anthroponym [[o-wo-ta]] PY hapax
anthroponym [[o-wo-to]] PY
o-wo-we PY hapax
o-wo-ze, cf. wo-ze PY
anthroponym o-*22-di KN hapax
o-*34-ta PY
anthroponym [[o-*35-ta]] TH

O as an Adjunct

Adjunct to OVIS, OVISf and OVISm

Also appears in conjunction with the adjunct KI in this context.

Adjunct to LANA


kar WNX.192 (o-pi); WNX.189 (o-u)

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