Linear B syllable PA

PA- Sign Groups

pa-da-je-u, (dative) pa-da-je-we PY
pa-de, pa-de-i KN
anthroponym pa-di-jo KN hapax
toponym pa-i-to KN
anthroponym pa-ja-ni KN hapax
pa-ja-ni-jo KN hapax
anthroponym pa-ja-ro KN hapax
anthroponym pa-ja-so KN
anthroponym pa-ka KN, MY, PY
pa-ka-na KN
[[pa-ke-te-re]] MY, PY
pa-ke-we KN
toponym pa-ki-ja-ne PY
pa-ko-we PY
anthroponym pa-na-re-jo KN, PY
pa-na-so KN
anthroponym pa-pa-ra-ko, (dative) pa-pa-ra-ki PY, TH
anthroponym pa-qo-si-jo KN, PY
anthroponym pa-qo-ta PY
pa-ra-jo, pa-ra-ja KN, PY, TH
pa-ra-ku-ja KN hapax
anthroponym pa-ra-ti-jo KN hapax
anthroponym pa-ra-to KN hapax
[[pa-ra-wo]] TH
anthroponym pa-re KN
pa-ro KN, MY, PY
pa-sa, pa-sa-ja KN
anthroponym pa-ta PY hapax
pa-ta-ti-jo KN hapax
pa-ta-u-na KN
pa-te, pa-te-de KN, PY
pa-ti KN
anthroponym pa-wa-so KN hapax
anthroponym pa-wa-wo KN, PY
pa-we-a, pa-we-a2, pa-we-o, (dative plural) pa-we-si KN, MY
anthroponym pa-wi-no KN
anthroponym pa-za-ti KN hapax

Phonetic Greek

βα, cf. [[pa-pa-ro]]
φα, cf. pa-i-to
φη, cf. [[pa-si]]
π, cf. pa-ra-to (Woodard 1997: progressive spelling)
πα, cf. pa-te
πη, cf. [[pa-ke-te-re]]

PA as an Adjunct

Adjunct to MUL

Chadwick & Ventris 1973: abbreviation of pa-ra-jo

Adjunct to OVIS

Chadwick & Ventris 1973: abbreviation of pa-ra-jo
Killen 1964: may abbreviate pa-ra-jo, could be mutton

Adjunct to TELA, TELA+TE

Chadwick & Ventris 1973: meaning obscure




Chadwick & Ventris 1973: abbreviation for pa-ko-we 'sage-scented'?


Measurement Unit

Chadwick & Ventris 1973: pa on TH Of "as subdivision of WOOL unit"

Comparative Paleography

Cypriot Syllabary (1000 - 300 BCE, Cyprus)

Cypriot syllable PA /pa/
in Cypriot words like:
pa-i-se, pa-i-ti child, son, daughter; infantile, juvenile cf. παῖς
toponym pa-po

Linear A

Linear A


Chadwick, John and Michael Ventris, 1973 Documents in Mycenaean Greek

Killen, J.T., 1964 BSA 59 "The Wool Industry of Crete in the Late Bronze Age"

Woodard, Roger D., 1997 Greek Writing from Knossos to Homer: A Linguistic Interpretation of the Origin of the Greek Alphabet and the Continuity of Ancient Greek Literacy

kar WNXIV.155 TELA adjunct; pa-we-a
kar WNXIV.60, WN 12.19.05 killen

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