Duhoux 2008: theonym
Chadwick & Ventris 1973: theonym, dative
Georgiev 1956: ‘old man’, cf. πρέσβυς (with *82 = /qu/)



Chadwick & Ventris 1973: ‘at the shrine of pe-re-*82′, probably dative-locative of a derivative adjective


Chadwick, John and Michael Ventris, 1973 Documents in Mycenaean Greek

Duhoux, Yves, 2008 A Companion to Linear B: Mycenaean Greek Texts and their World Vol. I “Mycenaean Anthology”

Georgiev, Vladimir, 1956 Études Mycéniennes, Gif-sur-Yvette 3-7 Avril 1956 “La valeur phonétique de quelques signes du syllabaire Créto-Mycénien B”

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