Linear B PO
Linear B Syllabogram *11, /po/


PO- Sign Groups

po-da-ko KN hapax
anthroponym po-i-ti-jo KN hapax
po-ka KN
anthroponym po-ka-ro KN hapax
anthroponym po-ke-we PY hapax
po-ki-ro-nu-ka KN
anthroponym po-ki-ro-qo PY
anthroponym po-ki-te KN hapax
anthroponym po-ko-ro PY
po-ku-ta KN, PY
po-ku-te-ro KN hapax
anthroponym po-ma-ko PY hapax
po-me, po-me-ne, po-me-no
po-ni-ke-ja KN hapax
po-ni-ki-jo KN
po-po KN
po-pu-re-ja, pu-pu-re-(jo), po-pu-ro2 KN
po-qa KN, PY, TH
po-qe-wi-ja PY
po-re-no-zo-te-ri-ja PY hapax
anthroponym po-ri-ko PY hapax
po-ri-wa Kn hapax
anthroponym po-ri-wo KN hapax
po-ro-du-ma-te PY
anthroponym po-ro-i-ra KN hapax
po-ro-ko-re-te, (connective nominative plural) po-ro-ko-re-te-re-qe KN, PY
po-ro-ko-wa KN
[[po-ro-ko-wo]] MY
anthroponym po-ro-qa-ta-jo PY hapax
po-ro-su-re KN
anthroponym po-ro-te-u PY hapax
po-ro-to KN hapax
anthroponym po-ro-u-te-u, (genitive) po-ro-u-te-wo, (dative) po-ro-u-te-we KN, PY
prefix po-ru-
po-ru-da-ma-te PY
anthroponym po-ru-qo-ta PY
anthroponym po-ru-qo-to KN, PY
anthroponym po-ru-to PY hapax
theonym po-se-da-o, (dative) po-se-da-o-ne, (genitive) po-se-da-o-no, po-se-da-o-ni KN, PY
po-si-ke-te-re PY hapax
anthroponym po-so-pe-re-i PY hapax
anthroponym po-te-u, po-te-we, po-te-wo PY, TH
po-ti-ja-ke-e PY
anthroponym po-ti-jo KN hapax
theonym po-ti-ni-ja
anthroponym po-to KN hapax
anthroponym po-to-ri-jo KN hapax
toponym po-to-ro-wa-pi PY
toponym po-wi-te-ja PY
anthroponym po-*34-wi-do KN hapax

Phonetic Greek

φο, cf. a-pi-po-re-we
φοι, cf. [[po-ni-ke-qe]]
π, cf. po-ro-te-u (Woodard 1997: progressive spelling rule)
πο, cf. po-pu-re-ja
πω, cf. po-ro

PO as an Adjunct



Appears as "ra-sa-to / po VIR 2" on KN B 808.
Appears as "]mi-jo / po VIR 3[" on KN B 814+.

Killen 1964: likely to abbreviate po-ku-ta



i-qo-po-qo-i (Thebes);
i-po-po-qo-i-qe (Pylos Scribe 45)


Killen, J.T., 1964 British School at Athens (BSA) 59 "The Wool Industry of Crete in the Late Bronze Age"

Woodard, Roger D., 1997 Greek Writing from Knossos to Homer: A Linguistic Interpretation of the Origin of the Greek Alphabet and the Continuity of Ancient Greek Literacy

kar WNX.59 (po-ro)

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