Linear B QE

Sign Groups that begin with QE

anthroponym qe-da-do-ro KN, TH
[[qe-ja-me-no]] PY
qe-pa-ta-no Kn hapax
qe-qi-no-me-na, qe-qi-no-me-no, qe-qi-no-to PY
anthroponym qe-ra-di-ri-jo KN hapax
anthroponym [[qe-ra-jo]] KN
qe-ra-na PY hapax
theonym qe-ra-si-ja, qe-ra-si-jo KN
anthroponym qe-re-ma-o KN, PY
toponym [[qe-re-me-e]] PY hapax
anthroponym qe-re-me-ne-u PY hapax
anthroponym qe-ri KN hapax
anthroponym qe-ri-jo, (genitive) qe-ri-jo-jo KN, TH
anthroponym qe-ro KN
qe-ro2 KN
anthroponym qe-ta-ra-je-u Py hapax
anthroponym qe-ta-se-u[ KN hapax
qe-te-jo, qe-te-o, qe-te-a, qe-te-a2 KN, PY, TH
anthroponym qe-te-se-u KN hapax
qe-to, qe-ti-ja MY, PY
anthroponym qe-to-ro-no PY hapax
qe-to-ro-po-pi PY
qe-to-ro-we PY hapax
qe-wa-ra KN hapax

-QE as a connective enclitic

An ending -qe may not always be a connective enclitic. (Winter 1956)

However, in general, -qe at the end of a sign group indicates a copulative or connective enclitic, which is like tacking "and" on to the end of a word to indicate that it is part of a list. This is the same as -τε in Ancient Greek. See MY Au 102, PY Ta 722, KN C 979+ and the KN Ch series for some examples.

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