cf. (toponym + *i-jo ethnic) pu-na-so, ro-u-so, su-ri-mo

Toponym: ra-to
Ethnics: ra-ti-jo


McArthur 1993: toponym, not Lato based on contradicting geographic evidence of place-name equation

Chadwick & Ventris 1973: toponym, classical Λατώ

Hart 1965: place-name east of Knossos, Lato on northeast Crete


Appears as "ra-to , pe-ri-qo-te-jo" on KN Da 1321+. (see also te-pa-ra, ti-ri-to)

Parallel Sign Groups

ra-to (KN Dn): ri-jo-notoponym

ra-ti-jo (KN E): ru-ki-ti-joethnic, tu-ri-si-joethnic

Associated Commodities

OVIS: KN Da, KN Db, KN Dd, KN Df, KN Dn, KN Dv

Associated Anthroponyms

a-ka-to: KN Dv
a3-ke-wa-toru-ki-to: KN Dv
de-we-rahapax: KN Dv
e-u-mohapax: KN Da
i-mi-ri-johapax: KN Db
ku-johapax: KN Df
[[o-na-ja]]: KN Db
pi-ki-nu-wohapax: KN Da
sa-ma-ri-wa-ta: KN Dv
su-sehapax: KN Da
su-ta-nohapax: KN Da
te-mi: KN Df
u-ro2hapax: KN Db
u-ta-no: KN Dd
[[*48-wo]]hapax: KN Db
*56-du-nu-kado-ti-ja: KN Dv


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Hart, G.R., 1965 Mnemosyne 18 “The Grouping of Place-Names in the Knossos Tablets”

McArthur, Jennifer K., 1993 Suplementos a MINOS núm. 9 "Place-Names in the Knossos Tablets Identification and Location"

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