Linear B RE
Linear B Syllabogram *27, RE

RE- Sign Groups

anthroponym re-ka PY
anthroponym re-ka-(ta) KN hapax
re-ke-to-ro-te-ri-jo PY hapax
anthroponym re-ko-no, (genitive) re-ko-no-jo KN
anthroponym re-me-to KN
re-ne KN
toponym re-pe-u-ri-jo PY hapax
re-po-to KN, PY
anthroponym re-qa-se-wo PY hapax
re-qo-me-no KN hapax
re-ri-jo KN hapax
re-si KN hapax
anthroponym re-ta-mo PY hapax
anthroponym re-u-ka-ta KN
re-u-ko KN, MY, PY
re-u-ko-nu-ka KN
toponym re-u-ko-to-ro PY
anthroponym re-wa-jo Kn hapax

Phonetic Greek

λε, cf. re-u-ko
ρε, cf. a-re-to-to
ρη, cf. a-pi-po-re-we

/re/ Confirmation

Levin 1964: a-pi-po-re-we αμφιφορηες with amphora pictogram on KN Uc 160


Levin, Saul, 1964 The Linear B Controversy Re-Examined

kar WNX.179 re-wa, re-we, re-wo, re-u
kar WNXIV.155 re adjunct to TELA

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