Pylos hapax
cf. re-u-ko-to-ro?
cf. po-re-no-zo-te-ri-ja, to-no-e-ke-te-ri-jo


Hiller 2011: festival name in -te-ri-jo (cf. Anthestēria1, Pluntēria2), 'the spreading of the bed'

Chadwick & Ventris 1973: oil adjective or festival name? 'for a spreading of couches' (Bennett), "taken by some as implying a ἱερός γάμος3, but perhaps rather a divine feast"

1 Ἀνθεστήρια: Feast of Flowers, 3-day festival of Dionysus
2 Πλυντήρια: Athenian festival, "in which the clothes of Athena's statue were washed"
3 holy marriage between gods


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