as (ri)-ma
Pylos hapax


Melena 2000-2001: placement [in the parallel context of PY Qa] suggests "a title of the religious sphere [...] However, the 'title' (ri)-ma is a hapax which is difficult to interpret. It ought to be a nominative, but a neuter formation in -ma, matos on a verbal base is unlikely for a title. So, we are dealing perhaps with another instance of a noun in -mar, martos, like du-ma or da-ma, for which only δάμαρ is attested in the Greek lexicon. Therefore, it cannot be excluded that it is a faulty reading of {du}-ma."

Chadwick & Ventris 1973: meaning obscure


Chadwick, John and Michael Ventris, 1973 Documents in Mycenaean Greek

Melena, José, 2000-2001 Kadmos 35-36 "63 Joins and Quasi-Joins of Fragments in the Linear B Tablets from Pylos"

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