Knossos hapax


Hiller 2011: 'sacrificial (animals)'

Ruijgh 1967: toponym in -ία, cf. Σφαχτηρία, Σφαχτήρια (but, as McArthur 1993 notes of the proposed etymology, this "is achieved by two violations of the Linear B spelling rules: the writing of initial s before p and ka-te not ke-te for -kte.", also noted by Lejeune 1960, Vilborg 1960, Ruijgh 1967, Chadwick & Ventris 1973)

Palmer 1963: not 'victims' due to Mycenaean phonological spelling rule issues

Lejeune 1960: 'victims', cf. σφαγιάζομαι

Sittig 1956: toponym


Appears as “pa-ro / a-pi-qo-ta , sa-pa-ka-te-ri-ja” on KN C 941+.

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