Linear B Syllabogram *59
Unicode: 𐀲 𐀲

Sign Groups that begin with TA

anthroponym ta-de-so KN, TH
anthroponym ta-di-*22-so KN hapax
anthroponym ta-mi-de-so KN hapax
anthroponym ta-mi-je-u PY hapax
ta-mi-te-mo KN hapax
anthroponym ta-na-po-so KN
anthroponym ta-na-to KN hapax
anthroponym ta-ni-ko PY
anthroponym ta-pa-da-no KN hapax
ta-pa-e-o-te KN hapax
anthroponym ta-pa-no KN
anthroponym ta-pe-ro KN hapax
ta-ra-me-to KN hapax
ta-ra-nu KN, PY
anthroponym ta-ra-qo KN hapax
anthroponym ta-ra-to PY
anthroponym ta-ra-to-no KN hapax
anthroponym ta-ra2-to PY
anthroponym ta-re-u PY hapax
ta-si-ko-(no) KN hapax
anthroponym ta-so KN
anthroponym ta-su KN hapax
anthroponym ta-ta-ro KN, PY
ta-ta-ta KN hapax
anthroponym ta-ti-qo-we-u, (genitive) ta-ti-qo-we-wo PY
ta-to, ta-to-qe KN, PY
ta-to-mo KN, PY
anthroponym ta-u-na-so KN hapax
anthroponym ta-u-pa-du-we KN hapax
ta-wa-ko-to KN hapax
anthroponym ta-we-si-jo, (genitive) ta-we-si-jo-jo KN, PY
anthroponym ta-za-ro KN
anthroponym ta-*49-ro KN hapax

TA as an Adjunct


Appears as "ta BOS 1" on KN C 901+.

TA as an Abbreviation / Ideogram

Palaima 2011: female supervisor

Doubly-proposed, TA on the PY Aa & Ab tablets:
TA-DA! Extra rations on the Pylos Linear B tablets


Palaima, Thomas G., 2011 A Companion Guide to Linear B: Mycenaean Greek Texts and their World vol. II (ed. Yves Duhoux and Anna Morpurgo Davies) "Scribes, Scribal Hands and Palaeography"

kar WNX.149 (ta-o)
kar WNXIV.80 -ta digrams ~9

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