Linear B TI
Linear B Syllabogram *37, /ti/

TI- Linear B Sign Groups

anthroponym ti-ja KN hapax
anthroponym ti-qa-jo, (genitive) ti-qa-jo-jo Kn, PY
anthropnym ti-mu-nu-we, (genitive) ti-(mi)-(nu)-(wo) KN
toponym ti-mi-to a-ke-e, ti-(mi)-(to)-a-ke-i, [[te-mi-ti-ja]], ti-mi-ti-ja, te-mi-ti-jo PY
anthroponym ti-mi-za KN hapax
ti-ni-ja-ta PY hapax
ti-no KN, PY
ti-ra KN
anthroponym ti-ri-da-ro PY
anthroponym ti-ri-jo PY hapax
anthroponym ti-ri-jo-ko-so KN hapax
anthroponym ti-ri-jo-qa KN
ti-ri-jo-we, ti-ri-o-we-e
ti-ri-po, ti-ri-po-de
ti-ri-po-di-ko MY, PY
anthroponym ti-ri-sa-ta[ KN hapax
theonym ti-ri-se-ro-e PY
ti-ri-to, ti-ri-ti-jo, ti-ri-ti-ja KN
[[ti-se]] PY hapax
(ti)-wa-ti-ja KN hapax

Phonetic Greek

τ, cf. ti-ri-po
τι, cf. po-i-ti-jo
θι, cf. pu-ti-ja

/ti/ Confirmation

• Levin 1964: Cypriot Cypriot TI /ti/ equivalent
• Levin 1964: three-footed and three-handled vessels with the prefix TI-RI- (τρι-) on PY Ta 641



ti-mi-ti-ja (Pylos);
[[te-mi-ti-ja]] (Pylos)

Comparative Palaeography


Linear A


Levin, Saul, 1964 The Linear B Decipherment Controversy Re-examined

kar WNX.52 (ti-ri-* ti-ra2)

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