Linear B - TO
Linear B Syllabogram *05, /to/

TO- Linear B Sign Groups

to-ko KN
to-ko-do-mo PY
to-ma-ko KN
to-mi-ka KN
anthroponym to-na-ta KN hapax
to-ni KN hapax
to-ni-ja KN hapax
to-no KN, PY
to-no-e-ke-te-ri-jo PY hapax
to-o PY hapax
to-pa PY hapax
anthroponym to-pe-si KN hapax
to-pe-za, to-pe-zo KN, PY
anthroponym (dative) to-qi-da-so PY hapax
to-qi-de, to-qi-de-ja, to-qi-de-jo, to-qi-de-we-sa PY
to-ra-ke PY
anthroponym to-ri-jo PY hapax
anthroponym to-ro, (genitive) to-ro-o KN, PY
anthroponym to-ro-ja PY hapax
anthroponym to-ro-ki-no KN hapax
to-ro-no-wo-ko KN hapax
to-ro-qa, to-qa KN
to-ro-qe-jo-me-no PY hapax
to-ro-qo KN hapax
to-ro-wa-ko KN hapax
toponym to-ro-wa-so PY hapax
anthroponym to-ro-wi, (genitive) to-ri-wi-ko, to-ro-wi-ka PY
anthroponym to-ro-wo PY
anthroponym to-ru-ko-ro PY hapax
to-sa-me-ja-o (genitive) PY hapax
anthroponym to-sa-no (dative), (genitive) to-sa-no-jo PY
to-sa-wa KN erased hapax
anthroponym to-si-ta PY hapax
to-so, to-so-de, (genitive) to-so-jo, to-so-o, to-so-pa, (to)-so-ne, to-sa, to-sa-de KN, MY, PY, TH
to-so-ku-su-pa KN hapax
to-te-ja KN
anthroponym to-te-we-ja-se-we MY hapax
anthroponym (dative) to-ti-ja MY hapax
to-to PY hapax
anthroponym to-tu-no KN hapax
to-u-ka KN
anthroponym to-u-na-ta KN
to-wa PY hapax
anthroponym to-wa-no, (dative) to-wa-no-re KN, Pylos
anthroponym to-wi-no KN hapax
to-wo KN hapax

Phonetic Greek

θοι, cf. to-na-ta
θορ, cf. to-no
θω, cf. to-ra-ke
στο, cf. pa-i-to, to-ma-ko
τ, cf. [[e-u-to-ro-qo]] (Woodard 1997: progressive spelling)
το, cf. to-so



a-ra-ro-mo-te-me-na (Knossos);
a-ra-ro-mo-to-me-na (Knossos)

o-pe-te-re-u (Pylos Scribe 41, Scribe 43);
o-pe-to-re-u (Pylos Scribe 1)


Woodard, Roger D., 1997 Greek Writing from Knossos to Homer: A Linguistic Interpretation of the Origin of the Greek Alphabet and the Continuity of Ancient Greek Literacy

kar WNX.203; WNX.68 (to-ko); WNX.55 (to-ro)

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