Knossos, Mycenae



tu-ka-te + connective enclitic qe
Chadwick & Ventris 1973: 'and daughter', cf. θυγάτηρ

Homeric Greek

Iliad V.310, V.820: Διὸς θυγάτηρ 'daughter of Zeus' (epithet of Aphrodite)
Iliad V.348, VII.24: Διὸς θυγάτερ 'daughter of Zeus' (epithet of Aphrodite, Athena)
Iliad V.720: θυγάτηρ μεγάλοιο Κρόνοιο 'daughter of great Chronos' (epithet of Hera)
Iliad V.815: θύγατερ Διὸς 'daughter of Zeus' (epithet of Athena)
Iliad VI.395: θυγάτηρ 'daughter'


cf. (*-te, *-te-re) a-de-te-re, a-ke-te-re, a3-te-re, ko-re-te-re, ma-te-re, pi-ri-je-te-re, ra-pte-re

Chadwick & Ventris 1973: probably dative singular of tu-ka-te


cf. (*-te, *-te-re, *-te-si) pi-ri-je-te, ra-pte

Chadwick & Ventris 1973: dative plural of tu-ka-te "if reading is sound"

Additional Homeric Greek

See also Homeric Greek sections under each Variant.

Iliad VI.250: θυγατρῶν εἶδος ἀρίστην 'fairest of her daughters'


Chadwick, John and Michael Ventris, 1973 Documents in Mycenaean Greek

Homer, 2003 Iliad (trans. A.T. Murray, ed. William F. Wyatt)

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  1. I made a few pieces of Linear B inscribed jewelry (mostly because I wanted some for myself), including a medallion with tu-ka-te daughter inscribed on it. It’s up on Etsy, with all proceeds benefiting the digitization of the Linear B corpus and lexicon on this site.


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