cf. we-we-si-jo


Duhoux 2011: a 'Collector'
Chadwick & Ventris 1973: anthroponym, a "collector" of sheep



Chadwick & Ventris 1973: genitive of u-ta-jo

Associated Toponyms

da-wo: KN Db, KN De, KN Dv
da-*22-to: KN Da, KN Dc, KN Dv
do-ti-ja: KN Da
e-ko-so: KN Da, KN De, KN Dv
e-ra: KN Da, ?KN Dd, KN De, KN Dv
ku-ta-to: KN Dc, KN De
pa-i-to: KN Da, KN Dd
qa-mo: KN Da
qa-ra: KN Db
ra-ja: KN Dc, KN De
ra-su-to: KN Db
ri-jo-no: KN Da
ru-ki-to: KN Dv
su-ri-mo: KN De
tu-ni-ja: KN Da, KN Dv
*56-ko-we: KN Da


Chadwick, John and Michael Ventris, 1973 Documents in Mycenaean Greek

Duhoux, Yves, 2011 A Companion to Linear B: Mycenaean Greek Texts and their World vol. II "Interpreting the Linear B Records: Some Guidelines"

kar WNXVII.96
kar WNXVII.102 -jo-jo

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