Linear B WE
Linear B Syllabogram *75, WE
Unicode: 𐀸 𐀸

Sign Groups that begin with WE

we-a-re-pe PY
we-a2-no-i PY
[[we-a2-re-jo]] PY
we-da-ne-wo, we-da-ne-we PY
we-e-wi-ja KN, PY
anthroponym we-i-we-sa MY
we-je-we KN
we-ka-ta KN
we-ke-i-ja Kn hapax
we-ra-te-ja KN
[[we-re-ka-ra-ta]], we-re-ka-ra PY
we-re-ne-ja PY hapax
we-re-we KN
anthroponym we-ro-pa-ta KN hapax
[[we-ru-ma-ta]] PY hapax
anthroponym we-te-re-u PY
we-to, we-te-i-we-te-i PY
anthroponym we-wa-do-ro KN
we-we-e-a KN
anthroponym we-we-ro KN
[[we-we-si-je-ja]] PY
we-we-si-jo KN, PY
anthroponym we-wo-ni-jo KN hapax

WE as an Adjunct

Adjunct to OX
Adjunct to OLE
Adjunct to *166
Adjunct to OVIS or LANA on KN Dl, KN D series

Ligatures +WE



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