Modified Wingspread Convention

Wingspread Convention Legend

inf. mut. infra mutila; lower edge of tablet is broken off
sup. mut. supra mutila; upper edge of tablet is broken off
lat. sup. latus superius; inscription on edge
lat. inf. latus inferius; inscription on edge
lat. dex. latus dextrum; inscription on edge
sup. sig. supra sigillum; above seal
bigger / smaller
smaller // bigger
, dividers ,
vacat empty line(s)
vest vestigia; vestigial signs that cannot be determined
'annotation above line' - placed after the text of the entry over which it stands
.A, .B, .C a single line that divides into two or more lines
.a, .b, .c no dividing lines separating the lines
.α, .β, .γ different sealing faces
] text missing to the left of the square bracket
[ text missing to the right of the square bracket
[ . . . ] room for 3 symbols

Wingspread Variation

(uncertainty) with parenthesis replaces the use of ụṇḍẹṛ-ḍọṭṣ
[] square brackets without a space replace the use of ⸤ 」corner brackets which represent uncertainty about whether or not there is a space

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