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Of kilns and pottery

Each time I go back through photos from Crete, or the lovely book about the kiln found at Kommos, I find myself wondering: where are the pottery words? Linear B needs a word for kiln, for pithos, words for pottery, … Continue reading

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Excellent Linear B Repository

DĀMOS: Database of Mycenaean at Oslo Federico Aurora at the Universitetet i Oslo has completed work on an outstanding repository of Linear B inscriptions. The user interface is absolutely beautiful and intuitive. Do a search on a Linear B word … Continue reading

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José L. Melena and the Pylos Joins

Dr. Melena at the University of the Basque Country is one of my favourite Mycenologists. His writing is, to me, a perfect synthesis of detail-oriented curiosity and evidence-based academic rigor. An example of this are his comments which I’ve included … Continue reading

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Amazing Photographs of the Linear B Tablets at the Ashmolean Museum

Go here for full details on the project and how to download the RTI Viewer: http://sirarthurevans.ashmus.ox.ac.uk/collection/linearb/images.php Please consider making a donation to the Ashmolean Museum to thank them for this extraordinary project. Be sure to mention the RTI Project and … Continue reading

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[Thesis Generator] sa-pe-ra vs. sa-pi-da

What do you think? 39 years after the 1973 publication of the 2nd edition of Documents in Mycenaean Greek by John Chadwick and Michael Ventris, I still constantly encounter questions that remain open from their early work. I keep a … Continue reading

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Reading the Iliad

I have a bilingual (Homeric Greek + English) of the Iliad (trans. A.T Murray, ed. William F. Wyatt). The sabre-rattling and violence is not generally my cup of tea, but I’ve been maintaining my pace through the sheer joy of … Continue reading

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Linear B Inscribed Handmade Pendants on Etsy

I’ve long wanted some Linear B inscribed jewelry. I couldn’t find any while I was on Crete, so I finally decided to make some. I put up a few extras on Etsy (a-ne-mo i-je-re-ja; e-ra; ka-ke-u; ko-wa; ko-wo; ma-te; ma-te … Continue reading

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Linear B at Thebes

Excellent! I stopped by the graduate library at the University of Washington today, and they finally have the 2005 transliterations from Aravantinos, del Freo, Godart and Sacconi. I’ll start work tonight on finally reconciling the various discrepancies between the 3 … Continue reading

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More great advice on decipherment and interpretation

In A Companion to Linear B: Mycenaean Greek Texts and their World vol. II, Yves Duhoux has written a must-read introduction for any aspiring philologist: “Interpreting the Linear B Records: Some Guidelines”. His guidelines apply to far more than just … Continue reading

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Linear B Data Project Update – lexicon definitions are growing

One or more definitions are now available for all of the in-tact lexical elements in the following Knossos Linear B series: KN Ag, KN Ai, KN Ak, KN Am, KN Ap, KN As KN B, KN Bg KN C, KN … Continue reading

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