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José L. Melena and the Pylos Joins

Dr. Melena at the University of the Basque Country is one of my favourite Mycenologists. His writing is, to me, a perfect synthesis of detail-oriented curiosity and evidence-based academic rigor. An example of this are his comments which I’ve included … Continue reading

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[Thesis Generator] sa-pe-ra vs. sa-pi-da

What do you think? 39 years after the 1973 publication of the 2nd edition of Documents in Mycenaean Greek by John Chadwick and Michael Ventris, I still constantly encounter questions that remain open from their early work. I keep a … Continue reading

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The Alice Kober papers are now available!

With many thanks to the folks at PASP (Program in Aegean Scripts and Prehistory) at the University of Texas at Austin, directed by Dr. Palaima, the Kober papers are now available and online: The Alice E. Kober Papers

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Logogram A302 Bibliography

I’ve been working on an open source database to collect information about the Linear A tablets, sign groups and symbols. Here is a screen shot of my current bibliography for A302. I’m hoping to eventually post bibliographies for all of … Continue reading

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